Back to the States

As many people already know, I have safely made it back to the US. I have been back for a few weeks, but have been so busy catching up on things with family and school that I’ve hardly slowed down at all. However, I have had some time to process this trip and a lot … Continue reading Back to the States

COVID on the Compound

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  The two weeks in between arriving and getting settled have proved to be not only busy, but pretty difficult.   The first week, I was busy getting adjusted, getting acquainted with everyone here, and trying to learn my way around the hospital.  Dr. Haun and her family … Continue reading COVID on the Compound

Tuscaloosa to Nalerigu

(Disclaimer: I wrote this post last week to share with you guys but am just now getting around to posting it- whoops) Well, I have finally made it to Nalerigu, Ghana, and have had quite the week. I wish I could capture all the emotions, excitement, vivid images, and stories in a blog post, but … Continue reading Tuscaloosa to Nalerigu

Going to Ghana

For as long as I can remember, I have been infatuated with travel, different cultures, and missions. The thought of travel has always excited me. This love grew exponentially as I became older, became a Christian, and learned about how to share the gospel. I jumped at any and every opportunity to travel or go … Continue reading Going to Ghana

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